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Few of the birds that Aemon had sent off had returned as yet. One reached Stannis, though. One found Dragonstone, and a king who still cared. A thousand leagues south, Sam knew, his father had joined House Tarly to the cause of the boy on the Iron Throne, but neither King Joffrey nor little King Tommen had bestirred himself when the Watch cried out for help. What good is a king who will not defend his realm?

One day in the not-so-far future, as the scholars of philosophy will look into the developments of the human mind, they will find this and wonder with amusement:

'This is either the theory of everything, or of nothing.'

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okay but can i make a girl character

me, during every single game trailer or review (via vakarianed)

okay but can I make a boy character?

-me, during every single game trailer or review

(comes out kinda sexist, right?)

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Proper Shakespeare this

Methinks there is hardly a single map left in the whole combined fantasy universe that doesn’t have a hole in it. The poor cartographers must be tearing their hair out.

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Lo and Behold, a gameplay loop exposeth :-)

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This is the time for an in-depth advice:

Dear People,

Please resist the urge to glorify Bioshock:Infinite simply because of its visuals; the gameplay isn’t worth it.


The common sense

Part 1e: The Opinionmakers – Darrow, Taggart, Sanders

Let’s take a look at the visionaries of the DX:HR world, they sure are a colorful bunch.

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It always rains the hardest on the people who deserve the sun.

Or those too poetic to bring an umbrella.

- Me.

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this, ladies and gents, is what a cat with diarrhea would look like. have mercy on the poor cat. god bless.

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