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One day in the not-so-far future, as the scholars of philosophy will look into the developments of the human mind, they will find this and wonder with amusement:

'This is either the theory of everything, or of nothing.'

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okay but can i make a girl character

me, during every single game trailer or review (via vakarianed)

okay but can I make a boy character?

-me, during every single game trailer or review

(comes out kinda sexist, right?)

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Proper Shakespeare this

Methinks there is hardly a single map left in the whole combined fantasy universe that doesn’t have a hole in it. The poor cartographers must be tearing their hair out.

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Lo and Behold, a gameplay loop exposeth :-)

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This is the time for an in-depth advice:

Dear People,

Please resist the urge to glorify Bioshock:Infinite simply because of its visuals; the gameplay isn’t worth it.


The common sense

Part 1e: The Opinionmakers – Darrow, Taggart, Sanders

Let’s take a look at the visionaries of the DX:HR world, they sure are a colorful bunch.

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It always rains the hardest on the people who deserve the sun.

Or those too poetic to bring an umbrella.

- Me.

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this, ladies and gents, is what a cat with diarrhea would look like. have mercy on the poor cat. god bless.

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Part 1d : The Ladies

Not interested in the ‘female gaming’ topic? Me neither.

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